Wood is the new concrete.

What is Nanocellulose?

Cellulosic nanomaterials are the microscopic building blocks of a tree. When we add these super structures to non-tree materials like concrete, steel, and plastics, we can make them stronger, lighter, and infinitely more sustainable.

An overhead shot of a tree canopy.
A shot of the forest from the perspective of the floor.
A close up shot of tree bark.
A magnified cell structure.
A magnified cell structure.

One millionth the size of the head of a pin, these unique physical and chemical structures make natural fibers as strong as steel, and 80% lighter.





About the Project

Sometimes, less is more. In the first project of its kind in North America, cellulosic nanomaterials were mixed with concrete to build a bridge in Siskiyou, California. The pilot project demonstrates how nanomaterials can be added to traditional building materials to make them stronger, thereby reducing the total volume of materials needed. In California, the addition of nanocelluose increased material strength by 20%, making it possible to cut greenhouse gas emissions by a third (33%).

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